Dundee rolls out new tech tools

By Staff | August 31, 2011 | Last updated on August 31, 2011
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DundeeWealth advisors are getting mobile and going wireless.

Under the firm’s myMobility initiative, each advisor will now be outfitted with iPad 2s pre-loaded with internal content and apps as well as exclusive external content from some of Canada’s leading magazines and fund company partners, including Advisor.ca.

DundeeWealth advisors will have access to internal content such as the Snapshots life events program, a magazine reader featuring Maclean’s, Canadian Business and MoneySense, and a News You Can Use app with a direct feed to Advisor.ca breaking news content. Also included is a messaging centre whereby the firm can send alerts to all iPad carrying advisors or targeted groups of its advisors.

Advisors can use these tools, along with iPad’s video conferencing and mobile meeting resources, to enhance the timeliness and quality of communication with their clients and fund company partners will also be able to share valuable investment information directly with DundeeWealth advisors.

“In a volatile market environment like we have experienced in recent months, it is absolutely crucial for advisors to be in regular contact with their clients,” said Richard McIntyre, executive vice-president, head of retail at DundeeWealth. “The myMobility iPad program facilitates those regular conversations, increasing face time through video conferencing and making it easier for advisors to take their meetings on the road to visit clients wherever they are located.”

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