Mackenzie Investments to merge funds

By Staff | June 25, 2018 | Last updated on June 25, 2018
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Mackenzie Investments announced that the following fund mergers were approved by investors on June 22 and will be implemented on or about July 6.

Existing fund (terminating fund)

To be merged into (continuing fund)

Mackenzie Canadian Money Market Class

Mackenzie Canadian Money Market Fund

Mackenzie Ivy International Equity Fund

Mackenzie Ivy International Fund

Mackenzie US Low Volatility Fund

Mackenzie High Diversification US Equity Fund

Mackenzie Global Low Volatility Fund

Mackenzie High Diversification Global Equity Fund

Mackenzie Cundill Recovery Class

Mackenzie Cundill Value Class

Mackenzie Cundill Recovery Fund

Mackenzie Cundill Value Fund

Mackenzie Emerging Markets Opportunities Class

Mackenzie Emerging Markets Class

Mackenzie US Large Cap Class

Mackenzie US Growth Class

Mackenzie Canadian All Cap Dividend Growth Fund

Mackenzie Canadian Growth Fund

Mackenzie Canadian All Cap Balanced Class

Mackenzie Canadian Growth Balanced Class

Also approved were changes to the investment objectives of the Mackenzie Income Fund and Mackenzie Short Term Income Fund. The changes capitalize on the firm’s fixed income capabilities, says a release.

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