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By Melissa Shin | December 15, 2017 | Last updated on October 27, 2023
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This is your last issue of Advisor’s Edge Report. Rest assured, this content isn’t going away; it’s being repackaged. Allow us to explain.

Advisor’s Edge Report was launched in 2005 as a companion to Advisor’s Edge, our flagship publication. AER has since evolved into a newspaper that provides in-depth technical analysis on tax, estate, investment, risk and compliance issues, as well as practical action steps. Advisor’s Edge, for its part, was a resource to help you ask better client questions, have deeper client conversations, and build a stronger practice.

Over the years, the concept of advice has also evolved. The best advisors combine technical prowess with deep, nuanced understanding of their clients’ hopes, fears and desires. With this in mind, earlier this year we began to look at combining the content of Advisor’s Edge and Advisor’s Edge Report into a single publication.

We spent several months performing market research and polling key stakeholders, including you, the readers. You confirmed that you would embrace a single publication: 99% of you said you would read a combined Advisor’s Edge and Advisor’s Edge Report.

So that’s what we’re doing: starting with the January 2018 issue, we will publish a revamped, redesigned and jam-packed Advisor’s Edge that combines the best of AE and AER. That means you’ll still be able to read the technical content you’ve come to love—it will simply be in a shiny new package. No action is required on your part, as your subscription has already been updated. Just sit back and wait for the new Advisor’s Edge to appear on your desk in late January.

We hope to win over the remaining 1% once you see what’s in store. For a sneak peek at the new Advisor’s Edge, see below.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your loyalty and readership. We’ll see you in Advisor’s Edge next month.


new-advisors-edgeWhat can you look forward to reading in 2018?

Your favourite AER topics will still appear in AE, including:

  • Tax and estate planning
  • Investments
  • Financial planning

Your favourite AER departments will still appear in AE, including:

  • Making the Deal
  • How to Read
  • Three Experts

You’ll also enjoy our new departments:

  • Country of the Month
  • Retirement Income
  • Research Review

Who will you hear from in 2018?

Your favourite AER columnists will still appear in AE, including:

  • Doug Carroll
  • Jamie Golombek
  • Lea Koiv
  • Margaret O’Sullivan
  • Al and Mark Rosen
  • Mark Yamada
  • Curtis Davis

What’s in the January issue?

  • A feature story looking at the definition of financial advice
  • Country of the Month: China
  • Clients answer the question, “What are your advisor’s credentials, and how do you know?”
  • The results of bitcoin research

And February?

  • Cross-border tax update
  • Tax tips for executors
  • Country of the Month: Mexico
  • New! Ask the Ethicist

Melissa Shin is deputy editor of Advisor Group.

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Melissa Shin

Melissa is the editorial director of and leads Newcom Media Inc.’s group of financial publications. She has been with the team since 2011 and been recognized by PMAC and CFA Society Toronto for her reporting. Reach her at You may also call or text 416-847-8038 to provide a confidential tip.