Top 10 business risks for 2017

By Staff | January 3, 2017 | Last updated on January 3, 2017
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In Canada, business investment has fallen for six quarters in a row, says BLG’s 2017 report about top legal business risks.

One reason for this, says BLG, “is reduced capital expenditure in the natural resource[s] sector is swamping gains in manufactured goods and services. The government is providing stimulus, but exports are weak. [So] these are difficult times for the Canadian economy,” which is also struggling with highly indebted households and soaring home prices.

On a global scale, the report adds, “today’s business leaders are facing unprecedented volatility and uncertainty. World markets are pressured by a unique combination: weaker growth from a sluggish global economy and rising political risk […].”

In this environment, BLG has identified the following risks as some of the most problematic for businesses in the coming year.

  • The continued rise of fintech.
  • Cybersecurity issues.
  • Shareholder activism trends.
  • Workplace misconduct.
  • Continued regulatory change and scrutiny.

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