Why Advisor’s Edge will be reborn in 2018

By Melissa Shin | November 16, 2017 | Last updated on September 21, 2023
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Just in time for its 20th birthday, Advisor’s Edge is being reborn. Advisor’s Edge was founded in 1998 as a resource to help you ask better client questions, have deeper client conversations, build a stronger practice and design superior financial plans. Starting in 2005, AE split into two publications in order to dive even further into these topics. The new companion newspaper, Advisor’s Edge Report, provided in-depth technical analysis on tax, estate, investment, risk and compliance issues, as well as practical action steps.

Over the years, the concept of advice has evolved, and our goal has always been to evolve with it. The best advisors combine technical prowess with nuanced understanding of their clients’ hopes, fears and desires. With that in mind, earlier this year we began looking at re-combining the content of Advisor’s Edge and Advisor’s Edge Report in a single publication.

We spent several months performing market research and polling key stakeholders, including you, the readers. You confirmed that you would embrace a single publication: 99% of you said you would read a combined Advisor’s Edge and Advisor’s Edge Report.

So that’s what we’re doing. Starting with the January 2018 issue, we will publish a revamped, redesigned and jam-packed Advisor’s Edge that combines the best of AE and AER. That means you’ll still be able to read all the content you’ve come to love—now in a combined, larger-format publication.

We hope to win over the remaining 1% once you see what’s in store. Gil Martinez, our art director, has been meticulously developing a professional, refined look with easier-to-read fonts and clearer wayfinding—see the above slideshow for more details. We welcome your feedback both now and once you’ve read the January issue.

To get the new Advisor’s Edge, no action is required on your part; your subscription has already been updated. Our debut issue will appear on your desk in mid-January. Even better, you’ll get it monthly.

On a personal note, this issue marks a bittersweet end, as this will be my last editor’s note for some time. My responsibilities have expanded to include oversight of both Advisor’s Edge and our sister publication, Investment Executive, as editorial director. So while I’m still heavily involved strategically, I’m passing the operational reins to Mark Burgess, Advisor’s new managing editor.

Thank you all, dear readers, for supporting Advisor’s Edge over the last 20 years. It’s because of your letters, questions, insights and readership that we continue to thrive.


Melissa Shin, Editorial Director

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Melissa Shin

Melissa is the editorial director of Advisor.ca and leads Newcom Media Inc.’s group of financial publications. She has been with the team since 2011 and been recognized by PMAC and CFA Society Toronto for her reporting. Reach her at mshin@newcom.ca. You may also call or text 416-847-8038 to provide a confidential tip.