Top tips from investment experts in 2017: part two

By Staff | January 3, 2018 | Last updated on January 3, 2018
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Throughout the year, we posted AdvisorToGo podcasts and related articles on a variety of topics, including tax news, financial planning and investment trends.

Here are the five most popular stories from 2017 (we revealed numbers six through 10 last week).

5. Who wants the cottage? Help clients decide

The best way to assist is to first help clients understand the goal for their properties, says tax expert Jamie Golombek.

4. China pullback could hurt Canadian housing

The prices of residential homes in Vancouver and Toronto have continued their uphill climb.

3. Two top Canadian stocks

Rory Ronan, portfolio manager at CIBC Asset Management, discussed his bottom-up process and portfolio picks.

2. Rethink 4% retirement withdrawal rate

If you use the standard 4% withdrawal rate for your retired client’s portfolio, reconsider your approach.

1. Watch for this TFSA trading pitfall

What to consider if you make frequent trades in your TFSA.

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