With the country in a technical recession, multiple polls have found that the economy is Canadians’ top priority this election. The opposition parties are hoping voters will think it’s time for a change, while the incumbent Conservatives argue they’re best-suited to lead during turbulent times.

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To learn more about the parties’ plans to steer us toward prosperity, we spoke to:

  • Deborah Coyne, senior policy advisor, Green Party of Canada
  • John McCallum, Liberal Party of Canada candidate in Markham-Thornhill and past National Revenue minister
  • Mélanie Richer, press secretary, New Democratic Party of Canada

The Conservative Party did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Bookmark this page — we’ll continue to update it as the parties release more information about their spending priorities.


What fiscal stimulus do you think is warranted?

Conservative Party
  • Would add more than $1.6 billion to existing infrastructure funding for 2015-16.
  • Finance Minister Joe Oliver says measures in Budget 2015 inject more than $10 billion cash into the economy.
Green Party
  • Would spend $6.4 billion per year on municipal infrastructure.
  • Would provide $1 billion per year to municipalities to hire Canadian youth.
Liberal Party
  • Would introduce an infrastructure plan putting $60 billion over 10 years toward items such as public transit, social housing and climate change adaptation. “It’s going to be a big infrastructure program, no matter the state of the economy.”
New Democratic Party
  • Would put an additional $1.5 billion toward infrastructure annually by 2019, and invest $1.3 billion annually over next 20 years in public transit. Would also invest $100 million in renewable energy development.
  • Would increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for those working in federally regulated industries.
  • Would balance the budget, and projects it can run a surplus of $2.2 billion by the 2017-2018 year. Said Mulcair in a Facebook Q&A: “I know the government can grow the economy while living within its means.”

U.S. recovery

What will you do to capitalize on the U.S. recovery?

Conservative Party
  • Would establish a new Advanced Manufacturing Hub to encourage the development of cutting-edge products and technologies.
Green Party
  • “The U.S. recovery will allow our producers to increase production and help revive our floundering manufacturing base.”
  • “We have inadequate training to support […] young people who get a contract for a few weeks. And we’re doing nothing to adapt to the actual challenges of the employment situation in order to respond to the greater production possibilities with the revving up of the U.S. market.”
Liberal Party
  • Would further liberalize trade, including through participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Supports Canada-Europe Trade Agreement.
  • Would announce plan to foster innovation.
New Democratic Party
  • Would invest $30 million over three years in tourism promotion. The NDP’s full platform document says, “The NDP will help Canada’s tourism industry recapture the American tourist market by boosting support for Destination Canada.”
  • Would propose an innovation tax credit. The platform documents explains, “The NDP will introduce [the credit] to support companies that invest in capital, equipment and property for R&D.”

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