In today’s market environment, investors shouldn’t overlook real assets.

That includes gold, REITs and commodities, said an expert panel at a Sentry Investments conference in Toronto.

The panel included: senior vice-president and senior portfolio manager Kevin MacLean (precious metals); portfolio manager Mason Granger (oil and gas); senior portfolio manager Michael Missaghie (REITs); and portfolio manager Gajan Kulasingam (infrastructure).

Reporting live from the event was associate managing editor Suzanne Sharma, who shared the panel’s tips and economic predictions via Twitter. Check out some of her live tweets below.

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Why you should invest in real assets

MacLean says, “This is the best monetary cycle I’ve seen for gold” @advisorca @SentryInvest

The changing margin of capital to the upside will not negatively impact gold, adds MacLean @advisorca @SentryInvest

Missaghie says we should not be avoiding REITs because there are opportunities to find discounted businesses @advisorca @SentryInvest

Further, an environment where rates are rising is good for REITs @SentryInvest @advisorca

Granger says rising interest rates also means the economy is strengthening, and that will drive higher cash flows @advisorca @SentryInvest

As well, he says higher commodity prices will drive higher dividends @SentryInvest @advisorca

Granger: Since June, a good chunk of the decline in the price of oil is due to speculation @advisorca @SentryInvest

Missaghie: Real estate investors have seen a very valuable market @advisorca @SentryInvest

The U.S. has seen real estate supply come to market the fastest, he adds @advisorca @SentryInvest

Kulasingam: Infrastructure is a new asset class, and it’s become popular in the last 15 years. There’s been a lot of demand, but not as much supply until now @advisorca @SentryInvest