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Facilitate business building with useful research and analysis

September 19, 2022 | Last updated on October 11, 2023
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Digital tablet with graphs on office table|Teri Renaud, Global Head of Sales at TMX Group
Photo Credit: Sitthiphong|Teri Renaud, Global Head of Sales at TMX Group


Facilitate business building with useful research and analysis

There’s an art and science to prospecting. The art comes through in the way advisors present themselves to clients: the words they choose and the tone they take. The science is the well-informed investment recommendations that demonstrate advisors understand the prospect’s needs—and how to meet them.

Teri Renaud, Global Head of Sales at TMX Group, says TMX LOGICLY powerfully supports that second piece. With a few clicks, advisors can input a prospect’s existing portfolio, run an analysis that identifies areas for improvement, and generate a leave-behind PDF report with notes that explain the benefits of the new portfolio.

If the sale isn’t made in the short term, advisors can keep the existing portfolio on watch within the platform and point out emerging deficiencies.

“Advisors can reach out to a prospect and say, ‘You know what? You’re out of line with your income target. If you consider this similar ETF, you may be able to increase your yield but keep your risk and performance in line,’” Renaud says. “Those very real, tangible recommendations show the prospect the value their Advisor can bring.”

Renaud sees TMX LOGICLY first and foremost as a prospecting tool because it’s such a direct way for advisors to build confidence in initial and subsequent interactions with potential clients. But the other important way the platform can help advisors build their businesses is by making day-to-day operations more efficient, so they can spend more face time with their current clients.

Teri Renaud, Global Head of Sales at TMX Group

Teri Renaud, Global Head of Sales at TMX Group

Streamlined processes

Advisors who give TMX LOGICLY a spin through a free trial or a guided demo tend to be struck first by its simplicity. It’s easy to navigate and intuitive to use, says Renaud.

With a few clicks, advisors can access trends in the ETF market—for example, the best and worst performing funds by region or investment mandate, or the funds with the largest inflows or outflows. This can help identify potential investment strategies and opportunities to boost clients’ alpha. TMX LOGICLY can even provide insight into the best time of day to trade a specific ETF.

A few more clicks and advisors can analyze a portfolio’s risk exposure, generate tax-loss harvesting ideas, or dive deep into the powerful analytics which are based on the individual holdings within an ETF or mutual fund. Advisors can also back-test scenarios to see how a portfolio would have performed through historical periods, with different rebalancing criteria and fee overlays.

When ready, advisors can quickly generate a customized report with content tailored to support a recommendation.

“Often, they’ll show the client their portfolio and recommendations on the screen, which illustrates the message very clearly with powerful visuals. Advisors can easily display this message on their tablet or laptop, or in a video conference,” Renaud says. “Or, with a couple of clicks, they can print out a PDF, very professional looking, and hand that to the client…to highlight the key messages that they conveyed during the client presentation.”

One of the biggest efficiency gains for many advisors is the integration of the investment research and portfolio analysis functions, so there’s no need to flip back and forth between different workflows. Advisors with firms that have opted for back-office integration can also see their client portfolios (updated daily) inside the platform. We can further streamline the Advisor workflow by integrating to their OMS, allowing them to take a trade idea generated by the platform, and simply click to make the trade or action the swap from one fund into another.

“It’s a very seamless workflow, and that’s going to make the investment advisor more efficient,” she says. “It’s designed to save them time, which ultimately gives them more time in front of their clients. And if they’re in front of their clients, then they’re focusing on building their books of business.”

Smooth transitions

Many advisors have invested time building spreadsheets, reports, and custom analyses to complement their existing platforms, as well as creating watch lists for ETFs, stocks, and mutual funds. That, combined with the limited number of hours in a day, can make a platform switch to TMX LOGICLY seem daunting.

But Renaud says her team has a lot  of experience replicating elements for advisors, and regularly works with them to improve on existing tools as they’re brought over to the new platform. In addition, the team provides the support advisors need to upload client portfolios into the platform. “It’s also very easy just to create a portfolio on the fly…it can take just a few minutes,” she says.

In the end, TMX LOGICLY is designed to do what technology does best. This frees up advisors to play to their strengths—including deciding how to apply the results of analytics to investment portfolios, strengthening relationships with existing clients, and following up on opportunities with prospects.

“There’s nothing that can replace what the investment advisor offers their clients. We’re just giving the advisor tools to do their job better, more efficiently and more professionally.”

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