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By Staff | September 1, 2011 | Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Listen and learn.

Speakers at Advisor Group’s 2011 Distributors’ Summit discussed ways industry members can work together to help advisors capture the next generation of clients, better assess and respond to risk, and build a more business-friendly environment.

If you missed the conference, or just want a refresher on what was covered, don’t worry. We’ve assembled a package of audio files and slides to keep you in the loop.

You can listen to the sessions and check out the presentations by clicking on the links below.

Boosting advisor sales: Advisor Audio

Tricia Benn, Senior Director, Rogers Connect Market Research and Client Services, Rogers Publishing Ltd., discussed how distributors can better help their advisors bring in more revenue and what synergies advisors are looking for from the distributors.

How to value your business: Advisor Audio

Cameron Jacox and James Hilton, Managing Partners, Jacox-Hilton Producer Consulting, discussed how owners of financial services businesses can determine the value of their operations for both succession and sales purposes.

Developing new managers: Advisor Audio

Jeff Hughes, GAMA International, Falls Church, Virginia, talked about how to develop the next generation of managers.

Timeline for a national regulator: Advisor Audio

Joseph Groia, Principal, Groia & Company, Toronto, discussed self-regulation, noting much of the turmoil surrounding Canadian SROs stems from the uncertainty about when, and how, a national regulator would be created and rolled out.

Right-sizing your broker base: Advisor Audio

Kevin Cott, CEO, Qualified Financial Services, Toronto, talked about culling advisors who offer little business and how distributors can do a better job for those who write big tickets.

New agent development: Advisor Audio

Chris DiSalle, Managing Partner, CMO, Complete Brokerage Services, Richmond, B.C., discussed being a boutique MGA in British Columbia and quietly developing a full-fledged new agent training program.

Pushing back the regulators: Advisor Audio

Stephanie McManus, President, Compliance Support Services, discussed ways to get regulators to see reason about a proscriptive rule that doesn’t work with your business model, without triggering a full-scale audit.

Improving advisor statements: Advisor Audio

Vince Valenti, President, Independent Planning Group, discussed how distributors can cooperate to deliver a more comprehensive suite of materials to clients.

Consolidation Update: Advisor Audio

Chris Reynolds, CEO & President, Investment Planning Counsel Inc., discussed where the Distribution business is likely to be five and 10 years from today.

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