How do you pay your advisor?

March 16, 2018 | Last updated on March 16, 2018
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Paul Wilson, 55

IT security sales professional, Toronto

I don’t pay upfront fees. I pay management fees within either the funds or the transactions—I’m not sure which. I like the lack of fuss.

In December 2016, my advisor explained fee changes to me. I recall reviewing the information and deeming it reasonable, though I don’t remember details. I like the move toward greater transparency.

Nan X, Fifties

A small town in Ontario

I pay through MERs, not upfront fees, which I’m fine with. I’m at the age where I’ve accumulated funds and am expecting an inheritance, so I’m wondering if I understand my finances well enough—especially if my husband dies before me. My parents and in-laws don’t talk about money, so I’ve had to learn as I go.

Shannon MacDonald, 47

Environmental specialist, Port Hood, N.S.

There are fees when I’m switched out of funds, which my advisor has pointed out to me. I assume he gets a cut of those, but they’re rare. I don’t know how he gets paid otherwise, but I assume he’s on commission.