These neighbourhoods are home to your wealthiest prospects

By Staff | November 21, 2014 | Last updated on November 21, 2014
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Every city has its wealthy enclaves, and if you want to prospect for rich clients, it pays to know where they live.

Canadian Business has rank of the 25 toniest neighbourhoods.

In Winnipeg, the rich live in an area of town called Tuxedo, where the average household net worth is between $3.84 million and $4.52 million.

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Calgary’s wealthy live in the neighbourhoods of Roxboro (average household net worth: $6.38 million) Mount Royal ($6.54 million), Eagle Ridge ($6.55 million), Bel-Aire and Mayfair ($6.59 million), Britannia ($7.02 million), reports CB.

Montreal’s storied Westmount neighbourhood is home to families who have accumulated between $7.75 million and $11 million on average. It even boasts ex-prime minister Brian Mulroney as a resident.

To see what neighbourhoods make the list in your area, and to read about the hobbies and habits of the inhabitants, read more here.

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