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The organization wants to improve lower-income earners' access to planning

Wooden cubes tax with canadian dollar

The credit took effect on Jan. 1

Wooden cubes tax with canadian dollar

Income tax thresholds, credits and benefit amounts are all rising with inflation

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Meanwhile, eliminating student loan interest would cost $2.7 billion over five years, the Parliamentary Budget Officer finds

Use this handy list of tax numbers as a quick reference

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  • November 18, 2022 November 18, 2022
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A sample scenario illustrates the savings

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The province has enough money to balance the 2022-23 budget, says Finance Minister Donna Harpauer

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The Liberal government is moving ahead with tax proposals

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The Finance committee also proposed an amendment to DTC eligibility in the budget implementation bill

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Tories also propose enhancing existing tax credit for low-income earners