AE April 2018 cover

April 2018

Curtis Davis

An updated look at how clients could be putting refund money to work year-round


Humanizing the methods and challenges of finance

In the first 10 minutes of a meeting, your client says: “Do you remember my granddaughter Emma? She bought her own place!"

Why this couple walked away from their advisor

The quandary Your long-time client, whom you consider a friend, approaches you with an enticing proposal: equal partners in a business for specialty pet food.…

Market Insights

In addition to extra property tax, non-resident foreigners can only buy new dwellings or vacant land

There’s still room for wins in the dynamic real estate sector, even as interest rates rise

Find out why more tech is better than less

Estate Planning

You’ve paid estate bills, distributed assets to beneficiaries and received a clearance letter from CRA

Where there’s a will, there’s … potential for error

Jamie Golombek

The limits of carrying credits forward

Retirement News

Unpleasant surprises can await clients who have planned for reduced expenses in retirement

Not getting professional advice was just one of her mistakes

Mark Yamada

Find out why more tech is better than less

Al and Mark Rosen

New U.S. regulations offer a glimpse at the length of audit relationships