Alan Prochoroff

Annuities swept up in SEC fund fee proposal

The SEC thinks mutual fund 12b-1 fees have gotten out of hand, and is proposing new rules to limit them and provide greater disclosure for investors. The SEC’s 278-page 12b-1 proposal could also impact the use of distribution fees in the mutual funds in variable annuity subaccounts. “When it comes to 12b-1 fees, there is […]

By Alan Prochoroff |July 29, 2010

4 min read

U.S. may soon regulate Indexed Annuities as insurance products

It will take an act of Congress but insurers could be very close to getting what they’ve been seeking for the last two years — a declaration that equity indexed annuities will be regulated as insurance products, and not as securities. A House-Senate conference committee working on the nearly 2,000-page financial services reform legislation, approved […]

By Alan Prochoroff |June 29, 2010

6 min read