Anna Sharratt

Critic blasts CPP policies

The CPP has opened the door to political interference by adopting a new policy on socially responsible investing, says the federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. John Williamson also wants to see a change in the way CPP surplus is distributed. Williamson says he believes the CPP’s recently-announced social investment principles are “bad policy” […]

By Anna Sharratt | November 4, 2005

2 min read

Employers cautious about budget health initiatives

(February 24, 2003) Pension plan sponsors are welcoming healthcare provisions laid out in last week’s federal budget. But although they are pleased that issues such as primary care, home care and catastrophic drug coverage have been addressed in the $16 billion five-year Health Reform Fund, they caution that the success of the budget initiatives will […]

By Anna Sharratt | February 24, 2003

3 min read

Romanow report viewed as positive for pension plan sponsors

(November 29, 2002) The Romanow report’s recommendations, particularly its suggestions for reducing the impact of drug costs and taking the financial burden of home care off employers’ shoulders, should be good news for pension plan sponsors, consultants say. Roy Romanow tabled his report on the future of healthcare in Canada yesterday. The report proposes that […]

By Anna Sharratt | November 29, 2002

4 min read

Ontario government freezes proposed pension surplus rules

(November 27, 2002) It appears the Ontario government has done an about-face with respect to pension surplus distribution, announcing that it has frozen legislation that would have amended the Pension Benefits Act. The announcement came last week, shortly after the Ontario Court of Appeal released its decision in the Monsanto case, a ruling that effectively […]

By Anna Sharratt | November 27, 2002

3 min read