Avery Shenfeld

Avery Shenfeld is Managing Director and Chief Economist at CIBC, having been with the firm since 1993. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University. One of the country’s most sought after commentators, he has consistently ranked as one of the top economists in a survey of Canadian institutional equity investors, and has received multiple awards for forecast accuracy in Canada and the US.

Canada Likely to See Rate Cuts Before U.S.

CIBC's chief economist sees the Bank of Canada easing its policy in Q2 2024.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | November 21, 2023

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BoC Enters “Tricky” Stage as Inflation May Rise Again

The last few hikes are more art than science, CIBC's chief economist says.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | August 8, 2023

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A Soft Landing May Still Be in Sight

CIBC's chief economist says it could be a "wobbly" first half of the year for equity markets.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | March 13, 2023

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Don’t Expect a Smooth Path for Inflation

CIBC's chief economist says a longer period of negligible growth may be necessary.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | October 19, 2022

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Are We There Yet?

What central banks need to see before pausing.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | October 7, 2022

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How Bad Would a Recession Next Year Be?

Some interest-sensitive sectors have already seen a decline.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | September 2, 2022

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Can Central Banks Curb Inflation Without Causing a Recession?

CIBC's chief economist says we’re "not out of the woods yet."

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | August 23, 2022

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Outlook Less ‘Rosy’ Than Some Predict

CIBC's chief economist says it's important to keep some downside protection.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | March 9, 2022

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Tackling Inflation Without Killing Growth

CIBC's chief economist talks inflation ahead of BoC decision.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | February 28, 2022

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Election outcome – Liberal minority: What’s next for investors?

Avery Shenfeld, CIBC’s Chief Economist, discusses planned actions on climate change and a proposed tax on high income earners.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | September 21, 2021


Equity Sectors to Watch After the Liberal Win

Banks, insurers and green energy companies may be affected by new policies.

Featuring Avery Shenfeld | September 21, 2021

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