Beasley Hawkes

Celebrating Advice: Downturn has helped advisors

Hello there. How’ve you been since old Beasley was dumped last year for a newer model? (Thanks, I missed you too.) You notice it took a dozen writers to fill Beasley’s shoes for the year? Actually, I think the back pages have improved a great deal since yours truly hung up his quill, so it’s […]

By Beasley Hawkes |September 1, 2009

3 min read

Liar liar

(December 2006) What did we learn on Halloween night? Was it the fact that good planners should track the number of trick-or-treaters each year and correlate the turnout with the weather and other factors so they can predict accurately and buy the right amount of candy? Or was it that we don’t want to bet […]

By Beasley Hawkes |December 4, 2006

3 min read

When tragedy strikes

(September 2006) As advisors, we get faced with difficult choices. Among them are clients weathering financial storms. Do we invest the extra time and trouble in their situations? Or do we cut back in service after they’ve withdrawn a significant portion of their investments? Do we “cull” them if they are no longer profitable? Hopefully, […]

By Beasley Hawkes |September 19, 2006

3 min read