Caroline Cakebread

When diversification drags returns

Are your clients’ portfolios watered down?

By Caroline Cakebread | March 4, 2016

6 min read

When bad trusts happen to good people

Help your client find his way around a poorly written trust

By Caroline Cakebread | January 16, 2015

8 min read

5 tips to set up an accurate trust account

If you decide to include a trust for your beneficiaries as part of your financial plan, here are some tips to ensure it's accurate.

By Caroline Cakebread | January 9, 2015

2 min read

Why you should care about volatility (but not too much)

Many stocks that are prone to sudden gains are liable to rapid losses, too

By Caroline Cakebread | November 12, 2014

4 min read

Pensions take a passive stance

Disillusioned with active management, more and more plan sponsors are running the other way.

By Caroline Cakebread | July 16, 2013

2 min read

MSCI vs. FTSE: They’re not the same index

Vanguard’s shift away from MSCI indexes has a lot of ETF investors asking key questions.

By Caroline Cakebread | March 1, 2013

2 min read

The market maker’s role in the “ETF ecosystem”

ETFs stand out because they provide an essential layer of liquidity, but you need to understand how.

By Caroline Cakebread | January 3, 2013

2 min read

Active ETFs get boost from SEC

Regulators see ETFs as interlopers in the investment world. But this is now changing.

By Caroline Cakebread | December 12, 2012

2 min read

How liquid is your ETF?

Look under the hood and understand the trading dynamics behind your clients' ETFs.

By Caroline Cakebread | December 5, 2012

2 min read

Choose emerging market corporates

They're an alternative to the crowded emerging market sovereign space.

By Caroline Cakebread | November 8, 2012

2 min read

Whither the equity risk premium

Amidst roiling equity markets, many have said the days of the equity risk premium are over; however, according to Roger Ibbotson, it’s not only alive and well, but there are also new risk premia that investors must consider to capture opportunities in today’s markets.

By Caroline Cakebread | April 9, 2012

4 min read