Claude Bovet

Hedge funds are evil

You heard me. Hedge funds are evil. Don’t believe me. How about these sources… “We cannot forget how in 1997-98 American hedge funds destroyed the economies of poor countries by manipulating their national currencies.” – Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia commenting during the 1997-1998 emerging market crisis. “The US Securities […]

By Claude Bovet | March 24, 2010

6 min read

Investing dynamically with hedge funds

Hedge funds have an unconstrained and opportunistic investment mandate. This flexibility is based on a dynamic investment approach that focuses on generating returns in myriad and diverse investment environments, changing market conditions and specific opportunities including market dislocations, corporate events, security mispricings, directional bets, arbitrage, and trend-following, to name a few. Hedge funds can, in […]

By Claude Bovet | March 8, 2010

8 min read