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Active ETFs: Not an oxymoron

ETFs have gone active. What you need to know.

By Donna Green | November 11, 2011

4 min read

Future belongs to risk managers and those who understand seniors’ needs

(June 15, 2004) Advice and managed money are on the ascendancy in the financial services industry and, according to research guru Earl Bederman, this trend isn’t likely to change soon. Bederman is president of Investor Economics, a Toronto-based firm that gathers market intelligence in the financial services industry. He presented an overview of the wealth […]

By Donna Green | June 15, 2004

3 min read

Analyst makes case for market timing

1934-1950: Market was essentially flat with much volatility 1950-1966: Market increased by 400% 1966-1982: Market was again flat with much volatility 1983-1999: Market went up 1,000% 1999-2015: If the pattern is consistent, the market will be essentially flat (The supporting charts can be found on under The Markets/presentations/Timing the Market with Exchange Traded Funds.) […]

By Donna Green | June 10, 2004

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Morningstar conference update: Tactical approach can boost returns, says fund manager

(May 7, 2004) Although he’s a staunch advocate of asset allocation, fund manager David Picton believes it is possible to add returns to portfolios by shifting the asset mix. Picton made his case for tactical asset allocation at Morningstar Canada’s “Lessons in Effective Portfolio Construction” conference in Toronto earlier this week. Picton is senior vice-president, […]

By Donna Green | May 7, 2004

2 min read

Morningstar conference update: Behavioural specialist explains why simple is best for investors

(May 6, 2004) Ena Garmaise has spent a good many years trying to perfect a fear barometer for Canadian investors. She wouldn’t call it that because there is nothing sci-fi about her work in behavioural finance or in the detailed questionnaires she designs for advisors. What she’s actually doing is giving advisors a tool to […]

By Donna Green | May 6, 2004

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No shortage of top ideas, speakers at Elite Advisor Summit

(May 2003) From prospecting to product to personal freedom, the Strategy Institute’s recent Elite Advisor Summit and its lineup of industry experts offered plenty of food for thought and actionable ideas for each of the 150 or so participants in attendance. Dan Sullivan, founder and president of The Strategic Coach, an entrepreneur development company familiar […]

By Donna Green | May 20, 2003

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Top performers handling more clients, Standard Life survey suggests

Segment client database Conduct client satisfaction surveys Use a contact management system Have a formalized business plan Source: Standard Life Mutual Funds Ltd., 2003 The survey also found a relationship between “best practices” and the amount of time advisors spent in revenue-generating activities. As the number of best practices increased, so did the amount of […]

By Donna Green | May 16, 2003

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Count on accountants when building your high-net-worth client base

(May 14, 2003) Want to develop your high-net-worth (HNW) client base fast? “A lot of people don’t have 30 years to build a relationship with [someone like] Ted Rogers,” says Kurt Rosentreter, so he recommends spending $10,000 a year on two accountants, an investment that will net you more wealthy clients “than you will ever […]

By Donna Green | May 14, 2003

3 min read