Duncan MacPherson

Less is more (Part 2 of 2): Making right sizing work for you

(September 2005)In part one, I made the case for right sizing your practice and outlined the Triple A approach to determining which your clients are really your ideal clients. To read Part 1, please click here. Let prospective clients convince you there is a good fit Once an advisor has created an ideal client profile, […]

By Duncan MacPherson |September 15, 2005

5 min read

Less is more (Part 1 of 2): Making the case for right sizing

(September 2005) There is an old saying that suggests that there is a fine line between being in a groove and being in a rut. Nowhere do I see that to be more evident than among high-level financial advisors. A common concern I hear from many high achieving advisors is that they feel they have […]

By Duncan MacPherson |August 31, 2005

4 min read