Éric Morin, M.sc

Senior analyst, G10, Multi-asset and currency management

Éric Morin contributes to the economic research that underlies the development of our firm’s macro-economic outlook. He is also responsible for the coverage of G10 economies in the currency-allocation investment management process.

Prior to joining CIBC Asset Management, Mr. Morin worked at the Bank of Canada as senior economist with the bank’s International Economic Analysis Department. He started his career at its United States Division, where he held different responsibilities, including monitoring U.S. economic developments and as lead economist on U.S. macroeconomic projections. Mr. Morin was later appointed to other divisions, where he covered advanced economies, such as Canada, the eurozone and Japan. He was also a visiting economist with the European Central Bank.

Mr. Morin earned his B.B.A. Applied Economics degree from the École des hautes études commerciales of Montreal and his M.Sc. Economics degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal.

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