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Telling CRA about foreign assets

If you rent out your Florida vacation home, have a Wall Street portfolio, or own other foreign assets worth more than $100,000, CRA wants to know about them.

By Francois Bernier |April 7, 2015

4 min read

T1135: 13 questions and answers

The T1135 form has been updated several times over the last few years. Here, we answer your questions.

By Francois Bernier |March 25, 2015

5 min read

Is advisor fee deductibility really beneficial?

With the advent of CRM2, investors will know the exact dollar amount paid in fees to his or her financial advisor at the end of each year

By Francois Bernier |January 9, 2015

5 min read

Understanding PRPPs and VRSPs

In 2012, the federal government’s Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act was signed into law. The plan’s objective is to create a large-scale, inexpensive pension plan for employees of companies that don’t already offer a pension. But the federal government has limited jurisdiction over the workforce, so it had to collaborate with the provinces. Quebec’s version, […]

By Francois Bernier |October 31, 2014

4 min read


Understanding VRSPs

Quebec’s version, the Voluntary Retirement Saving Plans (VRSP), came into effect July 1, 2014.

By Francois Bernier |October 24, 2014

3 min read


Understanding PRPPs

In 2012, the federal government’s Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act was signed into law.

By Francois Bernier |October 24, 2014

2 min read

Shareholder agreements explained

A shareholder agreement is a document used to establish the guidelines that will govern the workings of a company and the relationship between the company shareholders.

By Francois Bernier |September 16, 2014

1 min read

Effects of 2013 dividend tax rules

A tax expert outlines the various changes across Canada.

By Francois Bernier |September 6, 2013

4 min read

Investment solutions for business owners

Editor’s note: This article is from 2013. For 2017 information, read our article, “Salary or dividends: Which is better for business owners?” There are nearly 2.5 million businesses in Canada, according to Industry Canada. A large portion of them are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operated as corporations with one or a few shareholders. These […]

By Francois Bernier |March 7, 2013

7 min read