Heather Li

Estate planning for Martian pioneers

More than 60 Canadians have applied for a one-way ticket to Mars. Are their estate plans ready to go, too?

By Heather Li |June 24, 2013

3 min read

Emerging markets still a good long-term bet

Although emerging markets are in a slump right now, their economies are robust.

By Heather Li |June 20, 2013

2 min read

OSC roundtable participants predict fees could double

Could CSA’s whitepaper on mutual fund fees lead to Canadian investors paying twice as much for advice? Depends who you ask, and whether the regulators in play ultimately take action. Responding to a CSA discussion paper released December 13, the OSC today held a roundtable to take industry input on elimination of trailer fees. Participants […]

By Heather Li |June 7, 2013

2 min read

Advisor barters services to increase access to advice

When Shannon Simmons graduated from university, she landed a high-paying associate gig with the Toronto office of Phillips, Hager & North (now owned by RBC). It was the ideal job for someone who loved financial planning and craved financial security. But in November 2010, she quit to start the Barter Babes Project, a year-long challenge […]

By Heather Li |September 19, 2011

3 min read