Jeff Thorsteinson

Earn client confidence: an eight-point checklist

(February 2007) “If you have confidence in your lure, you will catch fish,” says one of the millionaires interviewed by Thomas J. Stanley in his book The Millionaire Mind. There’s wisdom for advisors in those words. When it comes right down to it, confidence is the key to success in this business. Everything you do […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |February 5, 2007

4 min read

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

(January 2007) How much of each day do you spend in front of people? If you’re like most advisors, I’ll bet it’s upwards of 50%. Whether you’re in a meeting with clients, top prospects, centres of influence, or simply chatting with your assistant, your success will depend on what you say. Or does it? While […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |January 5, 2007

5 min read

The graphic overview dialogue

(October 2006) In a recent article, I described the graphic overview as a powerful and persuasive way to articulate value to your clients, prospects, and centres-of-influence. By using graphics and illustrations to explain who you are, what you do, and what clients can expect, the graphic overview clearly and succinctly demonstrates how you are different […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |October 23, 2006

4 min read

A picture says a thousand words

(October 2006) Product and price are two factors that most advisors are still using to compete for new business. Unfortunately, neither of these are enough to win the clients that you really want. In my experience, in fact, the clients who come aboard based on product and price are generally lower-tier clients. The only enduring […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |October 17, 2006

4 min read

The 15 minute practice assessment

(August 2006) How is your practice doing? No, I don’t mean how much revenue you brought in last quarter. I mean, is your practice satisfying you? Are you happy with the number and quality of clients you serve? Are you professionally challenged? Are you excited and energized by your work? Do you get a "charge" […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |August 21, 2006

6 min read

Six reasons a prospect will choose you

(July 2006) What exactly is it that makes a prospect want to work with you? When I ask advisors this simple question, they provide me with a wide variety of answers. Many people talk about their specialized investment knowledge. Quite a few mention their years of experience. Some focus on the strength of their team […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |July 24, 2006

5 min read

Advisor websites: Eight rules for success

(July 2006) Recently, I wrote about some of the "rules" behind making an effective e-mail newsletter. Several readers have since contacted me about whether some of these rules apply to other interactive media — in particular, websites. The simple answer: yes and no. Yes, many of the same principles of en e-mail newsletter — particularly […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |July 5, 2006

5 min read

E-mail newsletters: Nine rules for success

(June 2006) Quick question: how many e-mail newsletters do you find in your inbox an average week? If you’re like most advisors, you probably receive several, some of which you subscribe to, and some which find their way into your inbox one way or another. Now, think of all those newsletters for a moment — […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |June 16, 2006

6 min read

Reach for the top

(June 2006) How well do you know your top clients? Do you know their names, their centres of influence, or the members of their families? What about their net worth, the amount of revenue they brought into your practice last year or the number of referrals they have brought in? Most importantly, do you know […]

By Jeff Thorsteinson |June 1, 2006

6 min read