Joel Kranc

D&S: Narrowing the gap

More and more Do-It-Yourself investors are looking to ETFs to save money and increase flexibility. And it’s not just for rich clients.

By Joel Kranc |April 21, 2011

3 min read

D&S: Getting through analysis paralysis

Advisors sometimes face an uphill battle when it comes to advising clients in turbulent times. The key is a risk manager that can be part advisor and part psychologist.

By Joel Kranc |April 21, 2011

4 min read

No surplus money into CPP: Flaherty

Federal finance minister Jim Flaherty has shelved a proposal to allow surplus money to be put back into the Canada Pension Plan. In an exclusive interview with Benefits Canada, Flaherty was asked about the notion that if the feds are allowed to put money into the CPP, it has the potential to take money out […]

By Joel Kranc |December 14, 2006

1 min read

Plan sponsors need to revisit liability matching

Pension plan sponsors need to think about liabilities as a benchmark and how a risk/reward strategy can reduce them in the future, according to State Street Global Advisors. Speaking to reporters, Sean Flannery, chief investment officer with State Street in Boston, said although liability driven investments seemed quaint in the 1990s, when equities were booming, […]

By Joel Kranc |March 23, 2006

2 min read

Monsanto will weaken pensions: Watson Wyatt

(November 9, 2004) The Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling regarding the Monsanto case and the distribution of surpluses in the event of a partial wind-up will weaken Canada’s defined benefit (DB) pension system, according to a paper released by Watson Wyatt. The Toronto-based consulting firm suggests the decision will cause many plan sponsors to make […]

By Joel Kranc |November 9, 2004

2 min read