John Lorinc

Protect your philanthropic interests

When a wealthy, divorced Montreal man died, his three children learned they’d be sharing only half his estate

By John Lorinc |February 11, 2015

5 min read

Protect philanthropic clients

Make sure charitable bequests are honoured.

By John Lorinc |August 18, 2014

7 min read

When your client wants to change beneficiaries

Advisors often hear first that an heir’s fallen out of favour

By John Lorinc |July 2, 2014

7 min read


Tax solutions that work

Four practical tax-saving solutions.

By John Lorinc |April 7, 2014

3 min read

Discuss final expenses before it’s too late

If clients plan for final expenses, it’ll make things easier on their children.

By John Lorinc |April 4, 2014

7 min read

How to discuss PoA for personal care

Help clients before it’s too late.

By John Lorinc |January 17, 2014

7 min read


Preparing a PoA for Personal Care

Mitch Childs knows from experience that, like his clients, you’re reluctant about drafting a will — that includes a living will, also known as a continuing power of attorney for personal care.

By John Lorinc |January 17, 2014

5 min read

When there’s no will

Here’s what to do when your client’s parents dies intestate

By John Lorinc |November 27, 2013

7 min read


Where Canada Revenue Agency finds money

Where the CRA looks for unexpected money in business audits.

By John Lorinc |October 8, 2013

2 min read