Kim Poulin and Art Schooley

Great teams need great players

In our coaching work, we always do an assessment of the roles that each team member plays within a financial advisory firm. After looking at the strengths and weaknesses of a team member, we are able to evaluate how well suited that individual is for their respective role. To illustrate this more clearly, let’s use […]

By Kim Poulin and Art Schooley | October 22, 2009

3 min read

Business planning that pays off

Networking within the community Educational workshops Advertising Budgeting is another part of goal-setting. Issues to be considered include staff requirements/compensation needs; technology; space; marketing, branding, advertising; transportation; and travel, entertainment and client appreciation. Finally, the last phase should be in the development area. That means figuring out your and your staff’s development plans; procuring of […]

By Kim Poulin and Art Schooley | December 15, 2008

4 min read