Martin R. Baird

Five marketing lessons learned from nine foggy doors

(September 2004) Lessons in marketing abound in every aspect of life. I’m living proof that even something as mundane as a door can lead the way to marketing enlightenment. I recently needed to replace the sliding glass doors in our Annapolis, Md., home because they were fogging up in certain kinds of weather. Who would […]

By Martin R. Baird |September 23, 2004

4 min read

Formula for success: Increased client contact equals increased business

faxes faxes postcards (to customize, try a service like mailers testimonial letters free reports This list excludes public relations, which I consider to be separate from typical marketing contacts. 2. Be repetitive. Variety also means that repetition becomes a factor in your marketing — and that’s a good thing. Marketing 101 says it takes […]

By Martin R. Baird |April 21, 2004

5 min read

Four important steps to pump up your practice in 2004

Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound (SMART) goals for the year Review your clients and “fire” a few Review your clients and “fire” a few Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timebound (SMART) goals for the year Draft a marketing plan Put a direct mail marketing campaign together (but test first before implementing fully) […]

By Martin R. Baird |December 30, 2003

5 min read

Hit the ground running in 2003 and keep going!

(January 2003) You’ve thought about taking real steps this year to grow your book of business. So what are you waiting for? The year is brand-new, and now is the time to hit the ground running. Here are some thoughts about marketing techniques that can help you grow your business both in the short and […]

By Martin R. Baird |January 17, 2003

4 min read

The marketing gift that keeps on giving

(November 2002) The old adage “it’s better to give than receive” is true, but before you start ordering this season’s gifts for your clients, you should think about why you are sending them. Perhaps you distribute gifts to thank people for being your clients and supporting you over the year. Maybe you’re just celebrating the […]

By Martin R. Baird |November 27, 2002

4 min read