Michael Ryval

Too late for defence

After licking his wounds following last year’s savage bear-market mauling, Bradley Radin believes it’s better to stay the course and position Templeton Global Smaller Companies for better times. “I’m in the camp that believes it’s too late to be defensive. You want to be on the offensive and be ready for the rebound,” says Radin, […]

By Michael Ryval |February 2, 2009

3 min read

Discount season

As grim as equity markets appear to be, Ian Lapey maintains that buying opportunities abound. “We are getting unbelievable bargains – great companies with extremely strong balance sheets that we are buying at 50 cents on the dollar,” says Lapey, 42, a portfolio manager at New York-based Third Avenue Management LLC, who oversees the $320.9-million […]

By Michael Ryval |January 1, 2009

3 min read

A veteran’s investment philosophy

Having experienced numerous cycles in his 43-year career, Richard Driehaus believes that the U.S. market is going through a painful consolidation phase that may be nearing an end. “We could be in the process of making a bottom,” says Driehaus, co-manager of the $335.9-million AGF Aggressive U.S. Growth and founder and chief investment officer of […]

By Michael Ryval |October 1, 2008

3 min read