Michelle Connolly

Tax & Estate

Michelle Connolly, CPA, CA, CFP, TEP, is a Toronto-based tax and estate planning expert.

Problems with Finance’s passive investing proposals

Finance says Canadians who hold passive investments in private corporations get an unfair tax advantage. That view is problematic

By Michelle Connolly | September 29, 2017

10 min read

Urgent: Talk to business clients ahead of income sprinkling measures

Consequences of Finance's proposed tax measures

By Michelle Connolly | August 29, 2017

12 min read

How proposed tax changes target income sprinkling

Case study shows how your client might pay more tax

By Michelle Connolly | August 8, 2017

7 min read

Personal tax season — Are you ready?

Take this CE Course, which consists of a slide presentation and accompanying audio.

By Michelle Connolly | March 17, 2017

1 min read

How foreign exchange impacts capital gains

What to do when clients gain or lose after converting foreign currency.

By Michelle Connolly | March 7, 2017

4 min read

Special issues when calculating capital gains

Learn about special considerations and exceptions.

By Michelle Connolly | November 25, 2016

3 min read

What is a capital gain?

Learn the details of how this type of income is taxed.

By Michelle Connolly | November 22, 2016

5 min read

Finance gives corporate-class shareholders a break

July's draft legislation says the changes to corporate-class taxation won't come into force until Jan. 1, 2017.

By Michelle Connolly | August 8, 2016

5 min read

Income splitting tips for retirees

A look at income splitting for a retired couple in Atlantic Canada.

By Michelle Connolly | June 2, 2016

4 min read

Tax changes affect income splitting for incorporated clients

We look at a family that includes an incorporated doctor.

By Michelle Connolly | May 26, 2016

4 min read

Despite tax changes, income splitting can still benefit clients

Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll look at three family scenarios and examine how recent tax changes affect them in 2016 and in years to come.

By Michelle Connolly | May 18, 2016

4 min read