Preet Banerjee

Letting go of lesser clients

Based purely on demographics—the average advisor is 55 years old and nearing retirement—newer advisors might assume merely surviving the next ten years or so would make the world their oyster. And, really, that is correct. Don’t worry about future investors not needing advisors – that won’t happen. The bulk of investors will continue to rely […]

By Preet Banerjee | January 1, 2010

7 min read

Power of indexation

The battle still rages between those who propose to “be” the market and those who prefer to “beat” it. But thanks to a deluge of new options, passive and active products can now co-exist in portfolios. And with the recent advent of index mutual funds designed specifi cally for the MFDA channel, those advisors now […]

By Preet Banerjee | March 1, 2009

7 min read

Serving the web-savvy

The impending transfer of wealth from baby boomers to the self-serve generation presents a potential hurdle for financial advisors in the near future. The Internet is rife with information about how to reduce costs on a portfolio by firing one’s advisor and doing it yourself with index funds or ETFs. And while that message might […]

By Preet Banerjee | October 1, 2008

6 min read

Getting your head around the equity collar

While in attendance of a presentation on a new issue that implemented a reverse dispersion equity collar on an energy stock portfolio, it struck me that this type of product can fit nicely into sophisticated client portfolios, but the mechanics of the collar are a bit beyond the basic option trading strategy. In order to […]

By Preet Banerjee | October 1, 2008

5 min read