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Do you take this prenuptial?

Second marriages, inheritances or sizeable retirement assets are a few of the many reasons why more Canadians are signing on the prenuptial dotted line

By Romana King | February 18, 2015

4 min read

Do you take this prenuptial?

Second marriages, an inheritance from your grandmother, or sizeable retirement assets are a few of the many reasons why more and more Canadians are signing on the prenuptial dotted line.

By Romana King | May 10, 2013

6 min read

The Success Factor

The next time you are shopping in the area, drop by and see me. Imagine if this is how a client or broker attempted to initiate a business relationship with you? Lynne Triffon, CFP, R.F.P., vice-president and senior financial planner at T.E. Wealth, doesn’t have to imagine. It was the late 1980s and Triffon had […]

By Romana King | May 1, 2010

9 min read

Regulators, insurers must focus on risks: OSFI

International regulators should narrow the focus of their mandates, while insurers must re-evaluate their use of modeling, according to the head of the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI). Speaking at the National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) in Ottawa, Superintendent Julie Dickson told a ballroom of C-suite professionals in the P&C space […]

By Romana King | October 2, 2009

3 min read

Climate concerns are opportunities for insurers

The latest report from Lloyd’s of London — the insurer that made its name producing products for high-risk businesses — highlights the threats and opportunities climate change will present to corporations. Released on April 28, 2009, the report offers an analysis of risk and opportunity on major issues significantly impacted by climate change, including: Water, […]

By Romana King | April 28, 2009

4 min read

Premiums poised to increase with harmonization tax

Financial services — ranging from advice and mutual funds, to life, health and P&C insurance — will be the biggest losers in the push for tax harmonization within Canada. This was the message Danny Cisterna, partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP, offered delegates at the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s Financial Affairs Symposium in Toronto on […]

By Romana King | April 24, 2009

2 min read

The quest

Prepare for the unexpected. That’s the lesson I grudgingly learned six years ago when my father succumbed to cancer. We had four days from firm diagnosis to his passing. It wasn’t enough time to say goodbye, let alone sort out an entire life. Thankfully my father, a project manager in the oil and gas industry […]

By Romana King | March 1, 2009

13 min read

ING sells off Canadian insurance assets

In a surprising move, to an unsurprising trend of sell-offs, Dutch-based ING Groep announced plans to sell part of its Canadian assets. According to yesterday’s announcement, ING expects to raise $1.9 billion from the sale by selling 63% of its stake in its Canadian insurance unit. Almost half of the money from the sale of […]

By Romana King | February 4, 2009

2 min read

Innovative branding paths

While many dealers and advisors have chosen to go back to their roots, with town-hall meetings, seminars and more face-to-face meetings, to establish their expertise status, there are a few individuals and companies choosing to forge the unknown road. Over two years ago, Hosein Ansary chose to launch a magazine aimed at the Iranian community. […]

By Romana King | January 22, 2009

5 min read

The Royals: Putting together the final plan

In this, the last of a three-part series based on the IAFP Symposium Case Study, AER concludes what must be addressed with the Royal Family, in relation to a comprehensive financial plan. In this, PART 3, we mention all remaining considerations of their plan and include options, ideas and solutions submitted by readers for the […]

By Romana King | January 1, 2009

8 min read

The royal pain (a case study, part 1)

Liz and Phil Royal are a typical Canadian entrepreneurial couple: Close to retirement, oodles of retained earnings and no coherent plan for retirement. They are the prototypical case offered to the 100 registered financial planners who gathered for the sixth annual Institute of Advanced Financial Planners (IAFP) conference in September in Regina. To understand some […]

By Romana King | December 12, 2008

10 min read

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