Tricia Benn

Advisors rate their distributors

Advisors weather economics storm by reducing spending and augmenting services, and they expect their distributors to act similarly. A study conducted for our 2009 Distributors’ Summit found, overall, distributor-advisor relations are positive, with the vast majority of advisors (90%) noting they have a good working relationship with their distributors. What makes a good distributor? It […]

By Tricia Benn | November 6, 2009

2 min read

Four faces

Amidst market uncertainty, the largest generation of Canadians, the boomers, careens toward retirement. As such, the generational divide is widening and advisors face increased challenges. They’re often required to cater to clients in two, three, and even four separate cohorts (pre-boomer, 62 or older; boomers, 46 to 61 years old; Gen X, aged 30 to […]

By Tricia Benn | December 1, 2008

3 min read