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Canadian exports surge while U.S. trade deficit widens

Canada’s merchandise trade deficit with the rest of the world shrank dramatically in June to $626 million, the smallest in 17 months, while the U.S. trade deficit widened—including politically sensitive trade gaps with China, Mexico and Canada. Statistics Canada says the improvement was due to a 4.1% increase in exports compared with May, to a […]

By Wire services |August 3, 2018

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Trump to halt DoL fiduciary rule, review Dodd-Frank

President Donald Trump is set to sign orders that will have a major impact on Wall Street.

By Wire services |February 3, 2017

2 min read

Buffett says U.S. economy is “alive and well”

As Berkshire Hathaway continues to beat the S&P 500, Buffett tells investors not to discount the U.S. economy.

By Wire services |February 29, 2016

5 min read

This year, the Fed will be more defensive

The U.S. Fed says global weakness has made it difficult to forecast growth and inflation prospects.

By Wire services |February 17, 2016

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Get U.S. clients ready for tax season

Do your small biz owner clients have U.S. operations? Then they’ve had to deal with higher rates on several taxes, which were approved by Congress on New Year’s Day. One such change includes increased tax rates on dividends for those with high incomes. And the cost of preparing returns, fine-tuning payroll systems and complying with […]

By Wire services |April 2, 2013

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Madoff victims suffer setback

Investors who are victims of the multi-billion dollar Madoff Ponzi scheme have suffered a major setback in federal appeals court, reports forbes.com. Apparently, none of the victims invested directly with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (BLMIS). Instead, they invested in two limited partnerships, Spectrum Select, L.P., and Spectrum Select II, L.P. This means, says […]

By Wire services |February 26, 2013

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Citigroup has new pay plan for executives

Citigroup’s executives may have to work a little harder. The bank revealed a new pay plan that ties remuneration to preset goals and targets. Executives will get 40% of awards in cash, 30% in deferred stock and 30% in performance share units, reports ft.com. Read more. Also read: Former Citi star joins RBC Citigroup fined […]

By Wire services |February 22, 2013

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Burger King’s Twitter account hacked

Burger King has suspended its Twitter account after it was hacked yesterday morning. The troublemakers tweeted obscenities and changed the company’s logo to McDonald’s, claiming it had been sold to its rival, reports ft.com. Read more. Also read: Blogs enhance your online presence Overcoming social media barriers How to be a social media success

By Wire services |February 19, 2013

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Do investors want high-yield U.S. residential securities?

With interest rates so low, Wall Street is betting that investors may be willing to take a risk in high-yield residential securities, reports ft.com. These are the same securities that triggered the credit crisis in the first place. The debate continues as to just how risky these vehicles are. Read more. Also read: Mortgage securities […]

By Wire services |February 15, 2013

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