Healthy demand for Covid-19 vaccine: StatsCan

By James Langton | December 17, 2020 | Last updated on December 17, 2020
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A doctor and an elderly patient are indoors at the woman's home. The doctor is talking to the woman while holding a tablet computer.

As the first vaccinations against Covid-19 start to roll out, research from Statistics Canada indicates that most Canadians intend to get a shot — a positive trend, given economists view widespread vaccination as essential to economic recovery.

With the first shots already being administered, the next step is ensuring adequate distribution, and a new StatsCan survey found that there’s plenty of demand in Canada, with 75% of those aged 12 and older indicating that they are likely to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

The proportion rose to 80% for those aged 65 and older, which is the age group that has proven most susceptible to serious illness from the virus.

Those with chronic conditions, which are also associated with a higher risk of serious illness, were only slightly more likely to opt for a vaccine than the population overall (77%).

“From a public health perspective, this is notable because there is clear evidence that those with chronic conditions are more likely to develop complications that may lead to hospitalization and even death if they contract Covid-19,” the survey said.

StatsCan noted that 90% of Covid deaths reportedly involve at least one other condition cited on the death certificate.

The willingness to take a vaccine also varied widely by province, StatsCan reported.

In Prince Edward Island, 89% said they’d get a vaccine, versus 71% in Alberta. Nova Scotia and British Columbia also came in above the national average, at 82% each.

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