Bridgehouse re-designates funds, launches pricing program

By Staff | May 16, 2017 | Last updated on May 16, 2017
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Bridgehouse Asset Managers has planned re-designations, on or about July 7, 2017, of Series K, Series KH, Series L, Series LH, Series M and Series MH securities of all its mutual funds with these series. The changes are listed in the table below.

Series to be re-designated Re-designated series
Series K Series A
Series KH Series AH
Series L Series A
Series LH Series AH
Series M Series F
Series MH Series FH

As is customary, if investors holding securities of a re-designated series maintain an ongoing minimum balance of $100,000 per fund account, or financial group assets of $250,000, Bridgehouse provides such investors with non-discretionary, irrevocable management fee distributions to ensure there is no aggregate increase in management fees and operating expenses as a result of the applicable series re-designation. These management fee distributions will also be applied to additional securities acquired by such investors by a purchase, switch or reinvestment of distribution.

Investors holding securities of a series being re-designated will be provided with at least 21 days’ written notice prior to July 7.

All processing, costs and expenses associated with these series re-designations will be paid for by Bridgehouse. Each series re-designation will take place at the respective net asset value per security on the effective date of the re-designation.

Series being re-designated will be closed to new purchases as of July 4, 2017.

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Greystone Global Equity Fund Introductory Pricing Program

Bridgehouse has also launched the Greystone Global Equity Fund Introductory Pricing Program, which offers early investors in Greystone Global Equity Fund a reduction in management fee and operating expenses, as applicable. The new costs are listed in the table below.

Series of Greystone Global Equity Fund Cost (after reduction)
Series A 1.75%
Series AH 1.80%
Series K 1.75%
Series KH 1.80%
Series F 0.75%
Series FH 0.80%
Series M 0.75%
Series MH 0.80%

The cost reductions will be available to all existing securityholders of the applicable series, as well as to investors who purchase securities of the applicable series up to and including December 31, 2017. The cost reductions will be applied to additional securities of the Greystone Global Equity Fund acquired by these investors by purchase, switch or reinvestment of distribution outside the discount period. The cost applicable to these series of securities will be reduced by a management-fee distribution to these investors.

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