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By Staff | August 15, 2014 | Last updated on August 15, 2014
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Canada’s TopGun Analyst of the Year is Mario Mendonca of TD Securities for his work on banks and insurance issuers, according to data compiled by Brendan Wood International.

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Teams on the rise

Bank of America Merrill Lynch had a two-year increase in market share of commissions. Nine team members are among the best in their sectors, including Glen Campbell, telecommunications and wireless, who doubles as director of research; Michael Jalonen, precious metals and diamonds; and Oscar Cabrera, base metals and minerals. The team now has 18 analysts. As has been the case in the past, a US bulge bracket firm that commits to Canada does well.

Peters & Co. continues to pursue a highly successful flight-to-quality strategy in the Energy Sector. Peters is increasing its market share across its products and services. Contributing to Peters’ brand and growth are TopGun analysts Jeff Fetterly and Jeff Martin.

National Bank Financial has taken a different path. While maintaining its position in research commissions this year, the firm has created an industry leading corporate research franchise. NBF now matches the industry leader, RBC, in the number of transactionally active corporations ranking its research in first place.

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Canada’s TopGuns include:

Agriculture, chemicals and fertilizers: Jacob Bout of CIBC World Markets

Alternative energy: Matthew Ackman of Scotia Capital

Banks: Mario Mendonca of TD Securities

Base metals and minerals: Greg Barnes of TD Securities

Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and healthcare: Doug Miehm of RBC Capital Markets

Consumer products and merchandising: Perry Caicco of CIBC World Markets

Diversified financials: Geoff Kwan of RBC Capital Markets

High tech: Richard Tse Cormark Securities

Industrial products: Ben Cherniavsky of Raymond James

Insurance: Mario Mendonca of TD Securities

Media: Drew McReynolds of RBC Capital Markets

Oil and gas, equipment and services: Jeff Fetterly of Peters & Co.

Oil and gas, high payout: Patrick Bryden of Scotia Capital

Oil and gas, large cap: Randy Ollenberger of BMO Capital Markets

Oil and gas, small to mid cap: Jeff Martin of Peters & Co.

Precious metals and diamonds, large cap: Tanya Jakusconek of Scotia Capital

Precious metals and diamonds, small to mid cap: Andrew Kaip of BMO Capital Markets

Pulp, paper and forest products: Daryl Swetlishoff of Raymond James

Real estate, REITS and hospitality: Neil Downey of RBC Capital Markets

Telecommunications and wireless: Dvai Ghose of Canaccord Genuity

Transportation: Walter Spracklin of RBC Capital Markets

Utilities: Matthew Akman of Scotia Capital

Economics: John Aitkens of TD Securities

Index analysis: Peter Haynes of TD Securities

Portfolio strategy: John Aitkens of TD Securities

Quantitative analysis: Mark Deriet of Cormark Securities

SmCap/SpSits: Sarah Hughes of Cormark Securities

Technical analysis: Mark Deriet of Cormark Securities

Typically the top three analysts in sector obtain TopGun status. The names above are the first placed TopGuns.

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