Canadians love bankers: The Daily Show

By Staff | June 27, 2013 | Last updated on June 27, 2013
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As Canada Day approaches, there’s one more reason to be proud to be a Canuck: our bankers.

On Monday night, The Daily Show contrasted the free-market exuberance of the U.S. banking system with our more cautious approach.

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Hamilton-born correspondent Jason Jones called Canada “a horrific country where the financial system is heavily regulated by a centralized government office that sets rules on almost every type of transaction.”

To find out how these regulations supposedly stifle business, he spoke with ING DIRECT CEO Peter Aceto, who touted the virtues of denying Canadians funky derivative products.

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Among them include the fact that America’s had 16 banking crashes since 1790, while we’ve had none.

The show also interviewed Canadian clients, who describe bankers as “transparent” and “trustworthy.” One woman goes so far as to say, “I love Canadian banks.”


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