Here’s which securities commission head made the most

By Staff | April 17, 2017 | Last updated on April 17, 2017
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It pays to run a securities regulator in the country’s four largest provinces, a review has found.

In 2015, the country’s highest-paid securities chief was the Alberta Securities Commission’s CEO, William Rice (since replaced by Stan Magidson). Rice earned $577,092.74 a year.

That’s more than the four lowest-paid commission heads combined, and almost $80,000 a year more than Brenda Leong of the British Columbia Securities Commission, who earned $499,251 and is next on the list.

Are these salaries reasonable? Michel Mailloux, a financial planner and trainer in financial ethics, says they’re nothing to be shocked about. “What is important, I think, is to look at the ratio between the executive’s salary and the average salary of the organization’s employees. Here, it should be a ratio ranging between five and eight approximately,” he estimates, which he says is acceptable.

To read more analysis from by reporter Jean-François Venne, go here (en français).

And see the national regulators’ 2015 salaries below:

  • Alberta Securities Commission: William Rice, $577,092.74 (Rice has since been replaced by Stan Magidson)
  • British Columbia Securities Commission: Brenda Leong, $499,251
  • Ontario Securities Commission: Maureen Jensen, $477,390.22
  • Autorité des marches financiers: Louis Morisset, $414,758
  • Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan: Roger Sobotkiewicz, $176,496
  • Manitoba Securities Commission: Don Murray, $160,000 (salary for 2016)
  • New Brunswick Financial and Consumer Services Commission: Rick Hancox, ranging from $131,957 to $164,703
  • Securities Commission of Newfoundland: John O’Brien, $104,230
  • Prince Edward Island Securities Office: Steve Dowling, ranging from $99,163 to $128,967
  • Nova Scotia Securities Commission: Paul E. Radford, $91,533.48

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