IA Financial moving to hybrid work model

By Staff | August 3, 2021 | Last updated on August 3, 2021
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Going forward, the majority of iA Financial Group’s employees will be able to choose whether they work from home or in the office, the firm announced Tuesday.

“Flexibility is now key in retaining and attracting talent and delivering solid performance,” read a release from iA Financial. “Therefore, iA Financial Group will not be imposing a mandatory number of days in the office.”

The hybrid work model will apply to more than 8,000 employees. IA Financial will begin redesigning office spaces and deploying technology to support the new work model at the end of this year, the release said.

In a statement, Denis Ricard, president and CEO of iA Financial Group, said the firm’s employees have continued to deliver strong results despite the pandemic.

“Our employees have consistently demonstrated performance, commitment and agility,” Ricard said. “They have been able to take full advantage of the benefits of remote working. This is why we are moving enthusiastically and confidently towards a hybrid model with undeniable efficiency.”

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