RBC responds to outsourcing reports

April 11, 2013 | Last updated on April 11, 2013
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RBC made headlines this week after CBC reported the bank plans to replace 45 Canadian employees with foreign workers.

The news hit a nerve since Canada’s employment stats are weak, with the country expected to add fewer jobs this year than it did in 2012. Further, Budget 2013 advocates for enhanced training of domestic workers.


After a wave of negative media, the bank has issued an open letter to Canadians. It will appear in papers across the country tomorrow.

Read an excerpt from RBC president Gord Nixon’s letter below:

“RBC has been in the news this week in a way no company ever wants to be.

The recent debate about an outsourcing arrangement for some technology services has raised important questions.

While we are compliant with the regulations, the debate has been about something else. The question for many people is not about doing only what the rules require—it’s about doing what employees, clients, shareholders and Canadians expect of RBC. And that’s something we take very much to heart.

Despite our best efforts, we don’t always meet everyone’s expectations, and when we get it wrong you are quick to tell us. You have my assurance that I’m listening and we are making the following commitments.

First, I want to apologize to the employees affected by this outsourcing arrangement as we should have been more sensitive and helpful to them. All will be offered comparable job opportunities within the bank.

Second, we are reviewing our supplier arrangements and policies with a continued focus on Canadian jobs and prosperity, balancing our desire to be both a successful business and a leading corporate citizen.

Third, our Canadian client call centers are located in Canada, and support our domestic and our U.S. business. They will remain in Canada.

Fourth, we are preparing a new initiative aimed at helping young people gain an important first work experience in our company, which we will announce in the weeks ahead.”

Read the full letter.