Take stress out of RRSP season in December’s Advisor’s Edge

By Jim MacDonald | December 4, 2002 | Last updated on December 4, 2002
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(December 4, 2002) RRSP season can be stressful for investors and advisors, so the “RRSP Survival Guide” in the December edition of Advisor’s Edge offers ideas on how advisors can beat the stress and tension.

The cover story of the December “RRSP Survival Guide” takes a personal approach to RRSP season. “We took a look at how one advisor handles RRSP season,” explained Deanne Gage, managing editor of Advisor’s Edge.

The advisor in question oversees a team of four at Canaccord Capital in Waterloo, Ontario.

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  • “This is a woman who admits that she used to get really stressed, really bogged down by the season, and the article offers tips on how to handled that,” said Gage.

    The article also touches on the advisor’s team and her client appreciation strategies.

    “She and her team plan to set aside even more time this season to go through clients’ portfolios just because it is a bear market and people are disgruntled,” added Gage.

    Advisor.ca’s RRSP Survival Guide for December will offer advisors tips on marketing and communications, and take a look at the investing year that was 2002.

    “Because a tough year is ending and a new RRSP season is just picking up steam, we thought this was a perfect time to get as many different marketing and communication tips and tools as we could into the hands of advisors. Our latest package covers everything from what sort of support you should expect from your wholesaler to a complete 2003 client communication guide,” said John Craig, practice management editor for Advisor.ca.

    The Advisor.ca RRSP Survival Guide will be posted on the site later this week.

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    Do you have any stress-beating tips to share with your fellow advisors for this RRSP season? Do you have questions for other advisors about their marketing and communication strategies for this busy time of year? Post a message in the “Surviving RRSP Season” forum of the Talvest Town Hall on Advisor.ca.

    Filed by Jim MacDonald, Advisor.ca, jmacdonald@advisor.ca.


    Jim MacDonald