Twitter teases hedge fund providers

By Staff | July 11, 2013 | Last updated on July 11, 2013
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Yesterday, the SEC voted to lift its 80-year ban on hedge funds advertising.

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Soon after, the Twitterverse came up with a number of snarky slogans for the funds to use. Here are our favourites:

“There is no information quite like inside information.” @tradingpoints

“We Take The Management Out Of Risk-Management” @nihoncassandra

“We know you have a choice where you lose your money. We appreciate your patronage.” @MarkHittinger

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“Come for the high fees, stay for the under-performance.” @ritholtz

“We aren’t happy until you aren’t happy!” @Thelimerickking

“A fee is a terrible thing to waste” @Sconsetcapital

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“Because what’s the worst that can happen?” @barnejek

“Do you know what it costs to live in the Hamptons? We can tell you.” @JohnWaggoner

Check out more of these tweets by searching the hashtag #hedgefundslogans staff


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