Will Carney live up to his reputation?

By Wire services | November 29, 2012 | Last updated on November 29, 2012
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Though Mark Carney once lived in England, many now feel obliged to offer him advice and tips on how to survive his stint in the UK.

The National Post wonders how he’ll fare in a so-called foreign land, and shows how some of its readers predict his financial rock-star status will fade as he faces challenging years ahead.

Not to mention, the driving is confusing and they allegedly drink their beer warm.

The Post is also surprised at how enthusiastic the Brits are over his impending arrival. According to media coverage, the UK expects Carney to inject fresh energy into the country and fuel much-needed reform despite his foreigner status.

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Whether he’ll live up to his reputation is up for debate; Financial Times says the UK is mistakenly hoping to import Canadian financial stability along with its most notorious central banker. It worries he’s being set up to fail.

In a recent post, it offered him three survival tips. Read more.

It adds our country’s ability to stay afloat was due more to the structure of Canadian banking regulation—which is based on five key elements—than to Carney’s talents.

Not to mention, some are worried he’s burning bridges and leaving Canada in dire straits. The Globe and Mail posted an editorial that highlights Canada’s slowing growth and continued need for strong leadership.

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Though he concedes England and Europe are worse off, columnist Michael Babad is unhappy Carney’s “skipping out early on his seven-year term”, and says “the task of guiding Canada’s economy in this ugly post-crisis era is more important than ambition.”


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