Canadian investors are notoriously home biased, and the current environment makes this more of a problem than usual.

Use these articles to help make the case for investing beyond our borders.

Underweight Canada, says SLGI’s CIO

It’s a bad time for home bias. “Canada has a housing problem. The debt-income ratio is high. We’re starting to see softening,” says Sadiq Adatia, chief investment officer of Sun Life Global Investments.

Fixed-income investors should look abroad

Canadian investors are biased toward investing at home, especially in the fixed-income arena. But looking beyond our borders can help generate income, says Michael B. Reed, vice president and institutional portfolio manager for the Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group

China will lead Asian expansion: IIAC

There’s no shortage of analysts forecasting a slowing of Chinese economic growth, says Ian Russell, president and CEO of IIAC, in an industry letter.

Look beyond the Canadian border: AGF

Canadians need to consider global opportunities, said three AGF portfolio managers during a 2013 market outlook session.

Emerging market debt feeds on risk appetite

When looking for higher yield or to diversify investments far afield, Canadians investors should look at emerging market (EM) debt.