It’s your turn to chair the Fed

By Staff | September 26, 2016 | Last updated on September 26, 2016
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Tired of low interest rates? Frustrated waiting for the Fed to take action? Now you can take matters into your own hands. Cut the bureaucracy and chair the Fed yourself by playing the monetary policy game hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

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During your imaginary term, you’re free to adjust the key short-term interest rate as you see fit to achieve target unemployment of 5% and target inflation of 2%.

But be prepared to suffer the wrath of the economy after you click “Go,” and the consequences of your actions are set in motion. Breaking news headlines pop up to let you know the effects of your monetary policy around the world.

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Also entertaining and instructive are the site’s FAQs. Questions about the Federal Reserve and monetary policy are answered succinctly, with links to further information on the Federal Reserve website.

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