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National Bank Investments Inc. launched four more exchange-traded funds on Thursday.

The new ETFs focus on a number of themes from sustainability to active U.S. equity.

The NBI Sustainable Canadian Corporate Bond ETF offers investors a sustained level of current income and capital growth through investments in bonds issued by Canadian corporations. The fund’s managers will focus on bonds issued by corporations with a carbon intensity substantially lower than that of the estimated carbon intensity of the fund’s benchmark.

The ETF is subadvised by Montreal-based AlphaFixe Capital Inc. and has a management fee of 0.55%.

The NBI Canadian Dividend Income ETF’s investment objective is to maximize the potential for long-term capital growth and to generate dividend income. The fund invests in equity securities of Canadian dividend-paying companies through other mutual funds, either directly or indirectly.

Toronto-based Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc. is the ETF’s subadvisor. The fund’s management fee is 0.55%.

The NBI Active U.S. Equity ETF invests directly or indirectly in mutual funds focused on common shares of U.S. companies. The fund has a management fee of 0.55% and its investment objective is to provide long-term capital growth. The ETF is also subadvised by Montrusco Bolton.

Finally, the NBI Active International Equity ETF (also subadvised by Montrusco) has long-term capital growth as its investment objective. The ETF invests in other mutual funds in a portfolio comprised primarily of common shares of international companies.

The fund has a management fee of 0.6%.

All four ETFs are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.