Demographic shifts mean your client base is going look a lot different than it does today. Gen Y is on the march, and they need financial advice.

To attract and service these clients effectively, you have to understand what makes them tick, and has you covered.

Understanding the Gen Y client

Have you watched a high-school student do homework lately? Try it some time. And then step back and think about what their behaviours will mean to the future of your business.

Convince Gen Y to get advice

Many advisors want clients who’ve already amassed wealth. But for the longevity of your business and future growth, it’s important to spend time prospecting young clients.

How to entice Gen Y prospects

Gen Y prospects want advisors and brokerage firms to help them build wealth. And whoever reels them in now will come out ahead, says new research from Jason Dorsey of The Center for Generational Kinetics and First Clearing.

Gen Y wants social media insurance

Your Gen Y clients love using social media. And they want to insure it too. They offer a potential emerging market for online insurance coverage, says research done by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in the UK.

4 ways to help Gen Y plan for retirement

For Gen Y clients, retirement planning might seem like a concern for the distant future—but it shouldn’t be.

Gen X squeezed by boomers, Gen Y

Boomers currently make up less of the workforce than ever before, with their promotion rates in the banking industry alone falling from 5% to 3% since 2006. One might think the current majority of Gen X employees are filling that gap. However, it’s the younger Gen Y that is currently claiming the spotlight, according to a PwC report on the banking industry called Value Through Your People.